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TOBACCO ROAD BAND. We are pleased to showcase Florida's hard-rocking country band, Tobacco Road Band. TRB will soon be releasing a special video of their latest single "Burn, Baby Burn" - a song we feel strongly is a smash hit for Country radio and will play a loud verse in the band's launch onto the mainstream Country stage. The latest single is building and buzzing among industry circles You can check TRB out "live" on April 1st opening for Josh Turner at Springtime Tallahasssee. 


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Soundwerkz recently re-launched. For those interested in our sister site, check out the new face of soundwerkz here.

Demoduel.com was founded by entertainment lawyer, R.A. Gilmore, founder of the former indie A&R site soundwerkz.com.

Against all odds, advice, wisdom, and better judgment, I launched demo duel as a music community. It's a new take on an old idea. We opened the doors (figuratively speaking) with three simple goals in mind: (1) helping artists/bands gain exposure and further their careers, (2) finding and vetting the best new music, artists, and bands on the planet, and (3) creating a place where music fans and trend-setters could easily discover, listen to, interact with, and be involved in supporting new and fresh artists in a simple, interactive,  non-commercialized environment.

A modern take on the classic "battle of the bands" only now we can leverage new technology and the Internet. The idea is to create and grow a new online music community where fans can be a pro-active part of the artist story. With a little luck and with help from bands, dedicated music fans, and trend-setters around the world, who knows how high the idea will climb or what impact we might have in the careers of as-yet unknown artists. Or, in the alternative, the site and the idea could be an epic fail if there is no interest from artists or fans. Given time, we will find out one way or the other.  

We are all  about discovering new artists and their music.  

Rob Gilmore, Esq., Founder



CHEAP FREAKS (Dublin, Ireland)
Song: Can't Fool Me
Cheap Freaks on Facebook

The Shelters. I was stoked to hear The Shelters. The Shelters are among a handful of new rock artists carrying the torch. Its great to see majors  signing and taking chances to bring fans new rock artists. See thesheltersmusic.com for more info.

Artists, Bands, Songwriters:

We are actively seeking bands and songs to feature. Send a link to your favorite music/video hereSubmissions. Invite friends, fans, and others to vote, share the word, and be part of a growing community of trend setting music fans! 

Andrew Watt is making waves on his major label debut "Ghost in my Head" on Republic. I like the track "Runaway." It appears Republic is very active in seeking and signing new artists. andrewwattmusic.com for more info.

SOCOTRA (California)

Song: Mildew


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We want to discover the best new artists and their music, signed or unsigned, and give music fans a place to showcase new songs and artists they perhaps have not had a chance to see/hear.

03-20-16 From watching the Grammy's the last few years, glancing at the charts from time to time, and from discussions with others in the industry, the state of rock and roll (as a competitive  and marketable genre) has been in question for some time now it seems. With the successful bands we see on television and on tour being older than our grandma  and seemingly nothing new being offered (at least in the area of traditional rock), some have told me they believe rock is simply over and done, gone the way of jazz, never to return to the mainstream. I don't accept that answer. That's why I applaud the majors stepping up and at least giving new rock artists an opportunity to be heard. Ultimately, the fans will decide if rock will survive as a viable mainstream article or if it will fall back to cult status.


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Adrienne O releases the first single and video "CATCH ME" from their upcoming album release. Produced by Justin Long and Adrienne Osborne. Support AdrienneO here.

Listen, Vote, and Share your favorite artist/band/song. Your vote and voice can propel your favorite artist up the charts and into the A&R Industry Bracket!



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LeeBeeGeebz: Southern pimp-rock pioneer, guitar-slinger, front man, and wandering rock and roll spirit, Leebeegeebz, is still bringing the goods - his own authentic brand of lo-fi psychedelic southern rock sound (recorded on a Tascam 424 MKIII Cassette Tape Machine). There's one thing about Lee - you know who it is when you hear him. We feel that's a very rare quality to have in the modern age. His musical sound is channeling from a more honest and pure corner of the galaxy, and we love it!  


Where Trendsetters & Fans Discover New Music & Vote For Their Favorite Songs!  

Discover and follow fresh new bands, releases, exclusive interviews and much more is on the way! We've only just begun building DemoDuel into a new community of awesome music fans!


NOISEHEADS (North Carolina)
Song: Fellow Man

LEEBEEGEEBZ(Tallahassee, FL)
Song: High On The Rope Swing
Leebeegeebz on Youtube

Song: Coastal Highway

BIG SHOALS  (Gainesville, FL)
Song: Skipping Stones

Cloverdayle has a potential breaking single with "Play me something I can drink to." 


One of North Florida's most "in demand" studio and live performance bass guitarists, Dale Shumate is music royalty in Tallahassee - and rightfully so. His talent and musical roots run deep - from college days with Progressive Rock Band "Casteel" to his years in the power trio "Radio Bikini" with multi-platinum rock producer John Kurzweg (guitars/vocals) and Terry Clark (drums) to performing/recording with eclectic groups such as "White Noise Generator," a Zeppelin tribute band, and being a founding member of the Hard Rock outfit "CommonZenz." In more recent years, Dale has split his time recording and performing "live" with Americana Group "Neil Alday & Further South" and Country Band "The Tobacco Road Band" with Eric Durrance (guitars/lead singer), and taking time to lend his talents as a studio musician to a variety of artists, including the eclectic "Muddy Gunz & The Salvation." Dale is a consummate professional, a regular studio musician at Gasoline Alley Studios in Tallahassee, Florida, and the "go to" bassist for many professional projects throughout the Southeast. While his talents have carried him across many groups and genres, Dale is a quiet and reclusive individual and not a musician who searches out exposure. DemoDuel is proud to have the opportunity to write what may be the first exclusive interview with this talented musician.


  • DD: Welcome to demoduel Dale, and thanks for doing the interview. I guess a genral place to begin is to ask if you have any thoughts about the state of modern music?
  • Dale: There will always be live music enthusiasts both players and listeners that seek it out and live it.  There so many sub genre musical forms now the days of the huge rock star I think are waning. 
  • DD: Do you listen to terrestrial or satellite radio?
  • Dale: When I listen to radio, I listen primarily to FM stations. 
  • DD: What’s in your CD player? 
  • Dale: Neil Alday & Further South demo's we recorded at The Moon, and a board mix from the show I did with John Kurzweg and Terry Clark last December. That was a cool show. We did John's original songs and a few select covers with special guest and Grammy Winning Guitarist, Larry Mitchell. That was an amazing show. 
  • DD: What inspired you to play bass guitar?
  • Dale: I bought my first bass at 16 to play in Jazz Band. I had taken guitar lessons since I was 11. By that time I was pretty good on the 6 string but had never played bass. Funny thing, the day I bought that Peavey T-20 bass i got a knock on the door from the the two guys i looked up to and always wanted to rock out with. That was the specific event when I realized bassists were in demand!  I've pretty much had a steady gig since. 
  • DD: What are some of the current (or recent) recording sessions you worked on? 
  • Dale: Recently been at Gasoline Alley Studio with Neil Alday & Further South and a track John Kuzweg wrote called "Elephant In The Room." It's a song about taking care of Mother Earth and what's going to happen if we don
  • DD: Thank you Dale for sharing with demoduel.com, we hope you will keep in touch!
  • Thanks for the Interview.